SuperMegaCorp is the newest name for the oldest corporation in the world (Foedus Sequana). Its founding in Paris in 38 BCE pre-dates several other corporations considered the oldest, such as Canada’s Hudson’s Bay Company (1670), Sweden’s Stora Kopparberg (1288-1992), and Japan’s Kongō Gumi (578-2007).

Because of the extreme success of the corporation in the mid-1700’s, Adam Weishaupt formed the Illuminati (bearers of light) in an attempt to control the corporation, an act which ultimately failed, but has been the fodder for many fertile stories.

The company’s motto fluctuat nec mergitur (“she is battered by the waves, but she does not sink”) was taken and used for the city of Paris itself.

Our corporate holdings are focused on capital.  Through a series of partners we own controlling stakes in Citigroup and HSBC Holdings. Our media holdings include controlling interests in Time Warner and News Corporation.

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